Things to do in Bucerias

The lovely beach town of Bucerias is one of the hotspots of the Banderas Bay due to its nonstop construction of Real Estate and growing gastronomical community. Bucerías is the perfect town for raising a family or enjoying the calm tropical lifestyle. And for those looking to invest in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate, Bucerías is a great option!

Ever wonder what exactly you can do in Bucerias?! What gems and adventures you may encounter?! Don’t worry, we have you covered.

First let’s talk a little about one of our favorite developments for sale in Bucerías for sale. Oqueano Condominios, a 13-residence complex with 4 two story penthouses, perfect for those craving the boutique living experience. Oqueano comes complete with the perfect balance of sustainable living and beautiful finishings, and not to forget amazing views of the mountains and ocean that complements all of the complex’s designs.

Oqueano is found in one of the most beautiful residential areas in Bucerias and is simply a fantastic investment opportunity. The perfect investment to live the dream of a tropical lifestyle. We couldn’t stress more about how incredible the quality of life is.

Now let’s talk about all the things you can do within a short walk or a quick ride in Bucerias. We all know living in Mexico is known for its beaches. Bucerias beach is known for all its family friendly beach restaurants and watersports, such as kite surfing. Imagine yourself walking out of your condo to your favorite beachfront restaurant and enjoying that cold beer while watching your family play in the sand. Or maybe you are in the mood for a groovy gastronomical restaurant, which, no worries, you can find plenty of those within walking distance. A yummy sushi spot or an amazing burger, Bucerias has it all.

Bucerias beach has a significative name; in English, Bucerias translates to the “place of divers”. Many years ago, many did dive off the beach, without scuba equipment, holding their breath in search for the precious pearls that were thought to be found in the Banderas Bay. The proliferation of diver and pearls lead to the name of Bucerias. When you visit the towns plaza, you can find the statue of a diver in honor of this story. Don’t forget to take a picture with it. Around the plaza of Bucerias you will find an amazing view of the ocean. We also recommend visiting in the evenings where you can enjoy some yummy Mexican corn or some of the best street tacos you will ever try. 

If you are into taking a nice stroll and buying locally produced goods, you’re in luck! Bucerias is also known for its large flea markets. Sunday mornings are the most popular; the market opens around 8am and you will find it on the street called “ Arroyo del Indio.“ Another great flee market that you will enjoy is the wednesday flee market, which has just been reinvented and newly located to the Chedraui parking lot. These local flea markets are filled with all things from handmade jewelry to fresh made bread and locals fruits and vegetables.

Bucerias has an amazing bike and food tour, perfect for those foodies who also love a good dose of exercise. And get this, the tour is very reasonably priced. Enjoy getting to know the streets and yummy local restaurants.

Earlier I mentioned Kite surfing, many may be wondering what is that, and what makes Bucerias the beach for it.  Not only is it a great water sport, but it is also very fun to watch. Kite surfing or kite boarding is a water sport that is done on a modified surfboard. You hold onto a kite that is pulled by the wind. Bucerias has several kite shops for lessons or gear, for those of you who are thinking this might be a new sport you want to try. The bucerias beach is well known for being open to lots of wind which makes this sport easy to do in the bay. Highly recommended.

The town of Bucerias will leave you with memories of a lifetime. If you are looking for a quite relaxed time or some fun adventures, Bucerias is the destination for you. Imagine a day filled with all of this, then a cozy nighttime routine at your Oqueano Condominio unit.

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