Oqueano Condominios, a unique chance en Bucerías

Bucerías is a town located in Nayarit, Mexico. This town is a touristic place that attracts more visitors every year. This town offers excellent landscapes and an excellent gastronomy, it is undoubtedly a good place to go for a drive.

The most luxurious properties you can find in town are located just a few meters from the beach, such as the Oqueano Condominios apartment complex in Bucerias. Apartments and penthouses are an excellent option to invest in a property due to the vast amount of tourism in the area, besides being an excellent option to buy as a residential property.

Oqueano Condominios

These pre-construction condos are popular with homebuyers who want to live in a brand new condominium that can still be customized to their specifications. The apartment complexes in Bucerias are projected to be one of the most luxurious and comfortable properties in town.

At Oqueano Condominios in Bucerias, the owners and residents will be able to enjoy shopping centers within the complex, private subway parking spots, storage units and a rooftop with common areas like a pool. The project is designed to provide the greatest comfort to owners and residents, it is a good investment opportunity that you can not let slip through your hands.

There are 13 exclusive properties fully equipped to offer the greatest comfort and luxury in the area, they are located 10 minutes from the beach. In the apartment complex you will find eight two-bedroom apartments, one studio apartment and four two-story penthouses equipped to offer the greatest comfort and luxury to the owners.

Within the complex you will have:

  • Private swimming pool.
  • Private security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Shopping centers.
  • Green areas.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Bbq area.
  • Underground parking spot for each condo.
  • Storage room for each condo.

The unique architecture and design of each apartment is inspired by the beaches and mountains of the town of Bucerias, this apartment complex is one of the innovations of the town. These apartments are designed to provide the utmost comfort and luxury to their residents.

Studio condos

The studio apartment is a luxurious and comfortable apartment in which you can have total privacy and comfort. It is ideal for single people or young couples.

At Oqueano Condominios Bucerias you’ll find one studio condo with one bedroom, one full bathroom , a kitchen, a laundry room and a living room. The apartment comes with a parking spot and a storage room. It is a perfect condo for couples or single people, it can be a residence or vacation property, you can also choose to rent it to tourists for vacation seasons.

Two bedroom apartments

Two-bedroom apartments are an excellent choice for investment in the apartment complex. You will find 8 luxurious and comfortable two-bedroom apartments at Oqueano Condominios Bucerias.

The two bedroom apartments are an excellent purchase option. These are equipped with a master bedroom and a single bedroom. The apartments have a kitchen, a laundry room, two full bathrooms, living room and a private terrace. These units also come with a private parking space and a storage room.


The luxury penthouses under construction are among the most striking properties in this apartment complex. The apartment complex has 4 two-story penthouses. Each penthouse has a master bedroom, a secondary bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, two full bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen in the first story.

On the second story you will find a private terrace with a jacuzzi for 4 people. Each penthouse includes subway parking space and a private storage room.

Advantages of buying at Oqueano Condominios Bucerias

The apartment complex is in the pre-construction stage, the apartments are not yet completed and can be purchased in pre-sale at special prices. Special offers and benefits are offered to buyers in the pre-sale of the properties.

The advantages of buying a property in Oqueano Condominos Bucerias are several, taking into account first of all the location. The property is located 10 minutes walk from the beach, you can find many popular restaurants in the area. You will find several shopping centers and supermarkets.

The luxury offered in the apartment complex is comparable to 5-star hotels and resorts. 24-hour security is provided. Among the main advantages of buying a property in Oqueano Condominios is the price of pre-sale condos. During the pre-construction stage, special prices and benefits are offered to owners.

This apartment complex has a terrace which includes a barbecue area, a swimming pool and green areas. The excellent ocean view is one of the main attributes of the location of the building.

One of the greatest advantages is the proximity to the beach clubs and 5-star resorts in the area, providing an excellent tourist environment for residents. You can also find nightclubs 

This is definitely one of the most ambitious projects currently being carried out in the town of Bucerias, the main intention and purpose of this apartment complex is to attract more tourists and investors to the area, making the town’s economy grow.

Buying an apartment in this luxury apartment complex is without a doubt an excellent business opportunity, whether you are looking for a vacation property for your family or even if you want to invest in property and real estate in the town of bucerias.

Location of Oqueano Condominios

This apartment complex is located 15 minutes by car from the international airport of Puerto Vallarta, In the tourist center of Bucerias. It is located at the Estadios 26 esquina Francisco Villa, 63732 Bucerias, Nayarit.

The amenities offered by the location of the apartment complex are several, it is located in the tourist and commercial center of the town of Bucerias.

This apartment complex is located in a very busy area where you can find luxurious restaurants, shopping malls, and the best beaches in Bucerias. The apartment complex is projected to be one of the most luxurious properties in the area, encouraging growth and development. For those looking to buy, the answer is easy…..contact us today!

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